Thursday, December 10, 2009

A tribute to Art Linkletter

The english language is a difficult language to master. Even the best of us gets a little tongue tied now and again. Recently our kids have made a few slips that we thought warranted a blog entry.

Apparently, Nathan has been studying the rise the size of the average american. He came in an announce to Kerri and I that over 75% of Americans are "obtuse!" While he may have gotten the word wrong, the statement is probably true.

Later after reading about Johann Sebastian Bach and his rather impressive family which consisted of twenty children, he informed us that of his twenty kids, only thirteen survived to "adultery."

Lastly, I came home while Ruthie was in the shower singing something at the top of her lungs. It sounded something like this... "augh! aughaughaugh augh aughaughaugh augh!" I couldn't quite make out the tune, so I waited for the sopping little girl to emerge before I asked her to sing the tune to me. Turns out the song was "Glory in a Chelea's stable." She had no idea what the words were, she just love the song. Now at long last, we know who let Joseph and Mary stay in their stables... it was Chelsea.

This Christmas take sum thyme to find the joy in the smell thinks. A little lofter make the day a little happierer.