Thursday, June 16, 2011

A tale of Rot and Rejoicing

John Wesley, the great theologian and poor chooser of a wife, once said, "Love is rot".
While I could not disagree more, rot is a good description of our bathroom floor. We had the inspection of our home and they found that we have termites, a leaky faucet and toilet and a rotten subfloor under our commode.

I am in the process of fixing everything on the list for our house which will close on the fifth of July. We are very excited about that.

Meanwhile, we have found, made an offer on and had the offer accepted on a new abode for the Christensen clan!

We are very excited about the possibility of moving into this new place. The new home is over twice as large as our current house, has two bathrooms, three really large bedrooms, a den, a large sunroom, two fire places, four large pecan trees, a sprinkler system, and a two room shop outback.

It is amazing how emotional the process of buying a house can be. We were really disappointed to lose the first house which was on a half acre of land, but now see that the water bill would have probably killed us. After seeing a number of other homes, we were begining to lose hope of finding the perfect place. Kerri fell in love with a second house, but the owners were too proud of it and wanted way to much for it. Finally we have found a really nice place and we are holding our breath to see what the appraisal and inspections will bring.