Friday, May 7, 2010

She Did It!!!

In my last post I mentioned that Kerri had passed her graduate test and only had to complete the coursework required to graduate. Well, she did and is now ready to graduate. Her cap, gown and hood arrived and she turned in her last paper. It was a wonderful moment as she hit SEND and the paper whooshed silently into cyberspace. It was actually a little anti-climactic... I was expecting Vivaldi to play, balloons to pop up or something, but silence was the sound we heard as we starred at the blank screen in wonderment at the consequences of that little push of the button.

Tonight she will walk across the stage and receive her degree and be hooded. I am very proud of her and though I have probably not been the most supportive husband over the last five years, I never doubted her determination or ability to pull off what is an amazing accomplishment under normal circumstances. Kerri was able to manage straight A's all through her degree and be a wonderful mom, husband and daughter.

Probably the best part is that, as a Professor at NMSU, I will be there on stage with her as she receives her degree. I have been given the honor of presenting her with the hood at the ceremony, Maybe I will even be able to recite my poem! I doubt it though.