Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Days and Birthdays

Things have ben a little hectic around here over the last few weeks. On the 14th of August, Ruthie began her first grade year. All three kids are now at the same school, which is great for mom. They now have an additional half hour to get hair combed, outfits selected (and reselected), backpacks checks and all of the sundry little things that go along with getting six little feet on their way to school. My first class at the college begins at 7:45 and so, Kerri is in charge of the mornings. So far, they have performed flawlessly. Sarah began life as a third grader and is thriving at it. Aside from a bout of the stomach bug, she enjoys her class. Nathan is king of the hill this year as a fifth grader. Unfortunately, being king doesn't mean that you can kick the little third graders off of the soccer field... and because they start recess first, there hasn't been a lot of soccer playing going on. He is enjoying the city league and is by far the best player on the team (no parental bias at all here).

Kerri began her "Blocks" a year earlier than expected. A last minute change in class schedules gave her the opportunity to get them out of the way. "Blocks" means that she has four graduate level classes that each meet one evening a week for an extended time. My evening class lets out at 4PM, so she drops the kids off at my class and I then become soccer dad and homework checker. Pray for Kerri, but more than that pray for the kids as they suffer through my cooking!

Below are three shots of the girls in their first day of school outfits. Nathan's pictures came out blurry, so we have included a video of his birthday party. His birthday is on the 8th, but we waited until the 16th so that he could gather friends from school. It was a great time of bowling and cake. It is hard to believe that I have been a dad for a decade! It seems like only yesterday that I was ten myself.

Ruthie posing just moments before heading out the door.

I think Sarah was the most excited of the five of us, to start school. Notice the similarity of the outfits
"So... it looks like we really going to go through with this. Goodbye summer vacation"

August 16th, singing happy birthday to the ten year old. He's tall isn't he?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Out for a spin on my XS1100.

Just a photo of me on my new bike. Unfortunately, Southeastern New Mexico is out of valve stems for my front tire and so until further notice, all uploaded scenery will be Photoshopped.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Double Digits

Nathan opening his newest Indiana Jones Lego set

Kerri writes.... It's my turn to try blogging! Today is Nathan's 10th birthday. He has been counting the days until he turns double digits. I can't believe it has been 10 years since we starting this amazing adventure called parenthood. We told him ten years ago he fit in one arm, made a lot of noise and was hungry all the time. Sam told him not much had changed (hee hee). Now he is almost eye level with me, can build complicated Lego sets in minutes, is a top-notch student and has given his heart to God.

"Thank you for the CARS™ present

The birthday boy is out with his dad having guy time. I am not sure what happens during guy time because the one rule of guy time is don't tell mom what happens!!!! I know it involves BB guns, driving lessons, bugs, dirt, exploding soda cans and great teachable moments.

We are having Nathan's birthday party next Saturday at the bowling alley but we had a small family party for him today. The girls are sitting at the kitchen table making birthday cards for their big brother. It is definitely a Hallmark moment. They have forgone their favorite drawings of flowers, princesses, and various other girlie things and are desperately trying to draw Darth Vador. Sarah has even made a pop-out Yoda on the inside of her card, although Ruth's Darth Vador is holding a pink teddy bear.

Ruthie drew Darth Vader... With a pink LightSaber and Teddybear

Sarah's card, with a menagerie of Star Wars well wishers

Inside Sarah's card was a popup Yoda

Happy Birthday Nathan

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Easy Rider... on a trailer.

Not the actual bike, but the right model, year, etc.

After a summer of endlessly combing the internet, classified and local dealerships, I have finally found a bike! A gentleman who lives a mere three hour jaunt from us is selling me his 1981 Yamaha xs1100 Special (Not the standard or the Midnight Special, just the Special)

I am not sure if I am ready to ride three hours straight on a new bike, on the highway. (that... and I have now way of getting the car back if I ride the bike home. So we have rented a trailer and Kerri's parents are letting us take their Yukon to Clovis tomorrow to pick up the bike.

I figure that I will do better to get comfortable on the bike here in town, at speeds well under 140MPH. That will come later.