Friday, August 8, 2008

Double Digits

Nathan opening his newest Indiana Jones Lego set

Kerri writes.... It's my turn to try blogging! Today is Nathan's 10th birthday. He has been counting the days until he turns double digits. I can't believe it has been 10 years since we starting this amazing adventure called parenthood. We told him ten years ago he fit in one arm, made a lot of noise and was hungry all the time. Sam told him not much had changed (hee hee). Now he is almost eye level with me, can build complicated Lego sets in minutes, is a top-notch student and has given his heart to God.

"Thank you for the CARS™ present

The birthday boy is out with his dad having guy time. I am not sure what happens during guy time because the one rule of guy time is don't tell mom what happens!!!! I know it involves BB guns, driving lessons, bugs, dirt, exploding soda cans and great teachable moments.

We are having Nathan's birthday party next Saturday at the bowling alley but we had a small family party for him today. The girls are sitting at the kitchen table making birthday cards for their big brother. It is definitely a Hallmark moment. They have forgone their favorite drawings of flowers, princesses, and various other girlie things and are desperately trying to draw Darth Vador. Sarah has even made a pop-out Yoda on the inside of her card, although Ruth's Darth Vador is holding a pink teddy bear.

Ruthie drew Darth Vader... With a pink LightSaber and Teddybear

Sarah's card, with a menagerie of Star Wars well wishers

Inside Sarah's card was a popup Yoda

Happy Birthday Nathan

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Alison said...

Woo hoo, Nathan! A very happy birthday to you.

Kerri, great job blogging! You should do it more often...maybe even your own blog? Hmmm-- "Mocha Magic."

The girls' artwork was great!