Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Non-Peanut Related Post

The Frontiersmen

I know that this blog has been recently focused on the peanut desensitization treatment that my son is undergoing, but I would like to interrupt this regularly scheduled blogcast to announce a rather momentous occasion in my life. During one of our outings to Texas this summer, I came across an interesting book by Allan W. Eckert, called The Frontiersmen.

While I have mentioned before that I am generally a slow reader, this book absolutely wrapped my attention and in the period of less than five weeks I have zipped through this amazing 600 page historical narrative about the frontiersmen Simon Kenton and his Shawnee counterpart Tecumseh.

I recommend this book and it's five subsequent volumes (which I have yet to read). They offer an enthralling and personal yet brutal portrait of life on the early American frontier.

On a slightly unrelated note, notice the new fall colors in the background. Boy I wish it would snow.

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