Wednesday, August 22, 2012

It's The Real Stuff Maynard.

Well, we are back from the seventh appointment. Each visit has seen a doubling of the amount of peanut protein Nathan has to take each day. We returned from this trip with actual, bone-fide peanut powder. Yikes!

We don't have much of the stuff, maybe one tablespoon full, but it will last us a while because we are using a half of a drop dose this week.

For a little perspective, Nathan's dose is currently one half of a drop of the protein. A drop is about the size of a roley poley bug or a half or a frozen pea. We have a ridiculously tiny little itty bitty scoop and have to cut the amount in half with a knife.

The amazing thing is not how little it is, but how much Nathan is taking without a reaction.

Consider that there are around 20 drops in a CC or a ML. Currently we are at 1/40th of a CC. Each week they have doubled that dose for the last seven weeks. Do the math and last week we were at 1/80 of a CC and 1/160th the week before. The dose gets smaller and smaller and smaller until we are absolutely blown away by the minuscule amount that it took to set off a reaction just seven weeks ago.

We really do appreciate your prayers and will continue to keep you updated.

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