Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Glorieta, NM and God's beautiful creation

This weekend, I had the opportunity to travel to Glorieta, NM to observe the Kick-off for the New Mexico Super Computer Challenge, high school program. While the event was informative the real thrill was returning to the spot where God first revealed to me the true extent of the beauty of His creation. Living in New Mexico, I have been inspired by my fair share of spectacular sunsets and have sat in wonder as the sun rose over many majestic mountains. In the Fall of 1993 however, God introduced me to the pinnacle of HIs creative beauty... my future bride. On that day and on ever day since, the beautiful rainbows, placid high mountain lakes and roaring waterfalls have paled in comparison to the lady that God had prepared in advance for me.

Back here in Carlsbad, under the weight of looming deadlines and urgent committee meetings, we sometimes forget to take the time to admire a sunset or pause to skip a stone across a glassy lake. I am thankful that God set such a perfect example of His creative work in front of me daily.

Only God can take a place as beautiful as Glorieta, beautiful in it's own right with it's towering yellow aspens and unending misty mountain ranges, and make it seem inconsequential compared to the beauty that He placed in the little lady who kisses me goodbye each morning.

He truly is a wonderful God, and He has given me a wonderful wife.

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Linda said...

What beautiful thoughts about your wife and marriage! We are working on thirty-eight years and are so thankful for what God has given us! There are ALWAYs hurdles and adjustments, for sure - maybe we stagnated in the teenage years BUT...the sex has NEVER been better!! :) Oh, did I say that?

(LC's mother)