Thursday, February 25, 2010

Has anyone seen the ancestors lately?

Sarah came home from school with a geneology project to work on. As she and Kerri mulled over the particulars, they came across a requirement that Sarah interview her family and write about some of the stories and traditions therein.

Kerri suggested that Sarah talk with her Grandmothers Christensen and Fincher. Sarah scrumpled up her little face, tilted her head and after a short, thoughtful pause, she informed her mother that... no, in fact, Mrs. Houston had specifically told them to talk to the actual ancestors.

hmmmm no.

Kerri and I both agreed that in all likelihood, it was Sarah who had misheard her teacher, and after a bit of gentle persuasion on our behalf, we think Sarah agrees.

But I don't think she is really convinced yet. Not really convinced.

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