Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Falling back and Regrouping

They say that when searching for a house, you should never fall in love with one until it is yours. How that is done, is beyond me, if I did not fall in love with a house, I would not have made an offer on it.

Such was the case with the house mentioned in my previous post. Today however, after having our initial offer rejected, we countered with the highest offer that we felt comfortable giving, and we were outbid. Bummer.

On hearing the news, even though we have been preparing ourselves for it, we were both rather disappointed.

I have heard the phrase, "God has something better for you." a dozen times today and while I am sure that He does, I am not sure that expecting that the "better" that God has im mind will be material is a very good or safe world view. If it is a material "better" then, I cannot wait to see the acreage that is waiting to come on the real-estate market for us here in Carlsbad.

No, I don't know if "better" is always bigger, more, newer or even physically similar or tangible. "Better" is often beyond our comprehension or out of our current line of sight. God's "better" is more comprehensive than the circumstances that we can see. It may address another area of our life or a hidden vice that we have chosen to ignore. Better may be another month or year in our current situation, waiting for circumstances to change, improve, play out, or even crumble to the ground before He is ready to move us forward. Forward to something else that may be a new home or may make us better people through a challenge that will improve our understanding of Him, or draw us closer to Him. Maybe, "Better" is all in the angle you are looking at it. What I see as better for my prospective and what God see from outside of time must be so different.

I really wanted that house, and honestly, a few times this evening, I have questioned why God did not orchestrate us into that address. But He did not, or has not, and may not. As a father, I have seen how "better" for my kids is not always what they see as "better". I must say though that it is much easier to be the father than it is to be the kid. Over the years, I have developed a theology in my head, that assures me that my Savior has my best in mind. Maybe here today, I am seeing another example of when my "better" and God's better are not the same. Sometimes I wonder if God is amused or exasperated by our definition of better? I know in my head that His "better" is the best for me. It has always worked out that way and it always will. I suppose that I need to transfer that knowledge eighteen inches south of my head, to my heart.

In the mean time, we will continue to reside at our current address, in the little house that serves as a base for our big life. At least until it sells! Stop by and see us.

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