Saturday, April 19, 2014

Stuart Mouse moves back in

A few years back... quite a few years, almost a decade, in the evenings, after the children were tucked in bed, I would sit in the hall between their rooms and read a chapter or two from one of our favorite children's books. We read through: the Wind in the Willows, various Winnie the Pooh books, The Trumpet of the Swan, Dr. Suess, Aesops Fables, Tolstoy's War and Peace (maybe not), Flo the Lying Fly, the Cricket in Times Square, Charlottes Web, Tucker's Countryside, various Shel Silverstein books, and Stuart Little. After reading the later, we painted a little mouse, sitting next to his hole in the living room and another in the hall, down at the baseboard, carrying an alarm clock and dragging his blanket. Eventually, we also painted him in light blue pajamas with lime green polka dots, leaning against a human sized tooth brush at the bathroom the sink. The kids took to saying "hello" and "goodnight" to Stuart as they walked past. I regret not having taken pictures.

After we moved, we heard that the new owners kept the mice and that the young kids who moved in would talk to Stuart.

We have been in the new place for three years this fall, and just this morning Stuart showed up outside his new hole in the front hall. We were surprised that it took three years to make it across town, but then, his legs are rather shorter than ours. To show his excitement to be home, this afternoon, after having just arrived, he donned his chefs hat and apron and showed up in the kitchen ready to help with the Easter dinner preparations! Unfortunately, Stuarts tastes lean towards dairy products and we are having spaghetti. But, it's the thought that counts. For now we are just glad to have him back. You'll have to stop by sometime and give a good ol' New Mexico welcome to Stuart Mouse.

After church this morning, Stuart got busy settling in. His socks tend to get lost in the dryer, so he set up a small clothes line next to the washer. That light blue tee shirt looks like one of mine from Disneyland! It must have really shrunk.

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