Friday, January 23, 2009

Family Fun Night

Sometimes I think the biggest threat to marriages today is our schedule. With all of the modern conveniences, we don't really have time to be a family. Well, our schedule this semester is a bear and, if we are not careful, we could go an entire week without sitting down and being a family.

Tonight though, as we did two weeks ago (we were out of town last week on a mini vacation) we are going to celebrate "Family Fun Night"! Each week one member of the fam will choose a board game, the dinner menu and if they would like, a movie that the whole family will enjoy. That is a tall order when tastes range from Jane Austin to Tom and Jerry all the way over to We Were Soldiers.

Tonight is Nathan's night and so I have just kicked the last student out and said goodbye to all of my computers and am on my way home to be a part of the "Greatest family on God's green (brown in Carlsbad) earth". (stolen quote from Michael Medved). 

Isn't God great?


Alison Bryant said...

What was this week's game and movie?

Sam Moon Christensen said...

Parcheesi and two episodes of Star Wars the Clone Wars. Kerri won.

Travis said...

I love Medved. He's awesome