Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Sewage Canal

Since moving into our current home, it has become apparent that the plumbing is in need of some assistance. The drain from the tub and sink the the sewage line was built with something called a kettle drain, when clogged, the solution is to jackhammer a three foot square in the floor and remove it. We have opted to let that one simmer for a bit. The main sewage line however seems to be infested with roots and the house does not sport one of those handy clean out drains everyone is talking about. So this weekend, after hosting 130 of my New Mexico community college colleagues, I decided to "keep up with the Joneses" and install a clean out drain. It was a lot less work than I had imagined it would be and with the average temperature a good fifty degrees above freezing, I have decided to keep the hole open for a few days to ensure that everything is sealed up properly. 

Anyway, lots of dirt, and a few shots of the hole. Nothing special, but satisfying not to have to call some in to do the work for me.

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