Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Almost Done Door.

Today was a yard cleanup day and the yard really needed it. I am always hesitant to throw away good wood, even small scraps which might be useful for firewood, or just the right size for this or that project. But today was a day to toss it all! Weeds came up and odds and ends were ended in the mad dash towards fall cleaning. With the exception of a small pile of old sticks, leaves and rocks, the back yard is in much better shape than it was.

I am avoiding a sewage issue that is not going to be fun, and so, I threw my efforts into something totally unrelated and completed the shop door this afternoon. Well, I almost finished it. I still have to put in the moulding to hold in the lower two window panes, but they are essentially attached and barring any strong storm, will stay put until I cut the strips.

It is not top quality and I will need to improve my technique before I start on the doors that will turn our bathroom and bedroom into a master suite. But I am happy with the outcome. Below are a few photos. Total cost - $7.67 for the polycarbonate light cover that serves as the panes.

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