Monday, January 20, 2014

Gutters and the beginning of a waterfall

This row of rocks is the beginning of a three tier waterfall, on the far wall and a fireplace on the left wall. If we can find more bricks, the area in front will be a patio with chairs and small tables. Park benches will sit on either side of the little pond at the bottom of the falls. We are in stage one and this is phase four, five and six of the backyard plan. We are looking at a few years here, but it will be fun getting there.

The bricks we gathered from our neighbor will become the back patio, but in order to make sure that those 5,600 lbs of  bricks stay where they are put, we splurged and today, I installed gutters over the front and back doors of the house. I still need to finish the down spouts, but it should divert water as it stands.

Now we just need a good downpour to test if it works. I am not holding my breath.

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