Monday, January 20, 2014

Sulley and Mike in the kids bathroom hallway.

For Christmas my wife wanted to personalize the house. We started by painting aspen trees in the dining room. Then more trees in our room. Finally the kids hallway was outfitted with characters from Monsters University. The next step is to paint Randell the disappearing monster in glow in the dark outlines in the bathroom. Personally, I think the kids will be too scared to use their bathroom and will invade ours. We are still in negotiations regarding Randell.

Mike and Sulley waiting their turn for the bathroom

Sulley, before I fixed his chin.

The dining room. Two of eight trees

The full dining room wall

Our room. I made the fireplace last year.

One of six red cardinals that perch on the trees. No cardinals baseball fans here, we just like the red bird for the color and memories of summers in Illinois.

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