Monday, July 21, 2008

Bikers Dudes and Guns

Uncle Bob and Nathan getting ready for a ride

Uncle Bob  pleading with me not to mangle his bike.

Many men become dads but fail to become fathers. My uncle Bob did just the opposite. He had no kids of his own and when my own father died when I was ten, Uncle Bob stepped up to the plate and took us camping, shooting and taught us many of the lessons in life that only a father can.

Today, Nathan and I spent the morning with Uncle Bob and Aunt Debra. Their house is a young boys paradise. Bob has a huge collection of animal skulls, collects guns and has a new motorcycle. He took Nathan out on the bike (I got to ride too, which only strengthened my resolve to get a bike,) then he showed off his skulls and guns. Nathan got to keep the slug to a .45. What better gift can you give a ten year old boy? He has palmed it for most of the afternoon.

After lunch Uncle Bob and Debra came up to mom's for a delicious lasagna lunch followed by a huge water fight. Tons of fun... except that my wife tried to stick me with a broken gun while she soaked me with her perfectly good one. }:-(


Dave said...

I love that video!

Alison said...

Me, too!
Now, down to business: between you and Nathan, which one of you wants to be Ponch, and which wants to be John?