Monday, July 14, 2008

Keep your kids off the sidewalks

This last weekend was my 36th birthday. I would like to thank Dave Bryant for pointing out that I am now closer to being 70 than I am to my actual birthday. Thanks a lot Dave.

For the weekend of my birthday, the beautiful Mrs. Christensen took the kids and me up to Roswell, NM for the weekend. While she and the kids splashed around in the hotel pool (The kids can swim now, thanks to two weeks of swimming lessons) I spent the majority of the time in "Motorcycle School". I completed the Motorcycle Safety Beginners course with flying colors! Although flying is one of the things I hope not to be doing on or rather off of a motorcycle anytime soon.

I am now searching for an inexpensive cruizer. Hopefully we can save a little gas, but that is not the main reason. Maybe I am having a midlife crisis... who knows? Maybe next I will try skydiving or learn how to ride bulls? (kidding... Kerri and mom).

Teaching at NMSU Carlsbad has some major perks. Being off for two months in the summer is definitely one of those. Not only does it allow me to direct our Vacation Bible school (15 kids saved!!!!) it also allows for side trips and spending time with the kids.

Right now I have to go purty myself up for a new drivers license picture... with motorcycle endorsement! 

Note: The photo is not my bike, just a 3D model of a 1946 Indian Chief that I made last spring using Maya. Those bike run in the mid $50,ooo range today.

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Dave said...

For the record, you're now closer to 72 than your own birth. I just wanted you to feel better about yourself today. :-)