Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Build-a-Bunny Workshop

We have just arrived home from an overnight trip to El Paso, TX to visit our good friends, the Brittons and to celebrate Ruthie's sixth birthday at Chucky Cheese. Aside from the great time spent visiting with Betz and Julian and Kenya and Xander, the highlight of the visit was a trip to the Build-A-Bear Workshop. If you have little girls and haven't been, make tracks quickly. At the workshop, kids build their own stuffed animal from the stuffing up. (kind of like Frankenstien, but not as scary.) Ruthie chose the hull of a cute stuffed bunny rabbit, stuffed it to the perfect softness and dressed it a white "CHEETAH GIRLS" tee, a pink skirt, denim sandals and underneath it all, bunnyrabbit underpants (complete with a hole for the tail). She named her bunny, Hopsalot, because it hops a lot. 

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